Don't Be Another Statistic: How to Recognize and Prevent Social Engineering Attacks

What makes us human? Language, empathy, and helpfulness are only a few of the traits that make us unique. However, these fundamental characteristics also leave room for deception.

Social engineering is nothing new. From the Trojan Horse that collapsed Troy to Frank Abagnale's famous deceptions portrayed in the film Catch Me If You Can, conmen and hackers have preyed on people’s innate tendency to trust.

We invite you to listen in as internationally recognized technology analyst Michael Krigsman leads a discussion featuring four social engineering experts. Panelists include Christopher Hadnagy, founder of Social-Engineer, Inc.; Michele Fincher, chief influencing agent at Social-Engineer, Inc.; Rob Ragan, managing security associate at IT security consulting firm Bishop Fox; and Austin Whipple, Sr. application security engineer at BetterCloud. The hour-long panel will equip you with the knowledge needed to remain safe and secure in the modern workplace.



Michael Krigsman is the founder of, which brings together top business leaders for in-depth conversation about leadership, innovation, and digital disruption. He is recognized internationally as an industry analyst and has written over 1,000 articles as a columnist for ZDNet. Michael's work has been referenced 1,000 times in the media in almost 50 books.


Chris Hadnagy is the founder and CEO of Social-Engineer, LLC. Chris possesses over 16 years experience as a practitioner and researcher in the security field. Chris established the world’s first social engineering penetration testing framework and created the first hands-on social engineering training course and certification, Advanced Practical Social Engineering, attended by law enforcement, military, and private sector professionals. Chris is also the best-selling author of three books.


Michele Fincher is the Chief Influencing Agent of Social-Engineer, LLC, possessing over 20 years experience as a behavioral scientist, researcher, and information security professional. Michele is an often-requested trainer and speaker on various technical and behavioral subjects for law enforcement, the intelligence community, and the private sector in venues including the Black Hat Briefings, RSA, Techno Security, SC Congress, and the Advanced Practical Social Engineering training course.


As Managing Security Associate at Bishop Fox, Rob Ragan leads a team of highly skilled penetration testers. With over a decade of experience building and breaking systems, Rob specializes in application security, source code review, social engineering, wireless, mobile, and network penetration testing. Rob actively conducts security research and has repeatedly presented at Black Hat, DEF CON, InfoSec World, SyScan 360, Summercon, and Hacker Halted. He is also a contributing author to Hacking Exposed Web Applications 3rd Edition.


Austin Whipple is a Senior Application Security Engineer for BetterCloud. At BetterCloud he leads efforts in application penetration testing as well as developing static and dynamic code analysis. His role is to help ensure that assets managed through BetterCloud are as secure as possible. Previous to BetterCloud, he worked at Bishop Fox as a Senior Security Analyst doing application penetration testing, and Brigham Young University as a Red Team leader and ITSec President.