Must-reads for the Google Apps Ecosystem


Moving to Google Apps can change the way your entire organization operates, whether you're a large enterprise or a small school district. Unfortunately, once the decision to go Google has been made, many IT pros find a dearth of information & resources. Find the materials you need in this all-in-one eBook.

IT Admin - SMB - IT administrators managing small to mid-market Google Apps for Work domains typically deal with user bases ranging from 50 - 500 employees. SMBs usually focus less on security and more on user management and administration.

IT Admin - Enterprise - IT professionals tasked with administering enterprise accounts usually deal with domains ranging from 500 to 100,000 employees plus. These admins focus on automation, reporting and streamlining workflows.

IT Admin - EDU - IT administrators for educational institutions face their own challenges - maintaining corporate-like standards for faculty and staff, while ensuring the proper protections are in place and students are given the ability to collaborate and interact with Apps freely.